Walkway: Creating An Elegant Entrance To Your Home

There are several ways in which you can increase the value of your house or make your house more comfortable. One way is by installing walkways around and going to your home. Before you think that it isn’t necessary to have one, better read through the reasons below why you need or should have one for your home.

Better and safe pathway

When walking, which would provide you with better footing – a rocky or muddy path, or a pathway built with concrete, stones, etc? Of course, a concrete or stone pathway can provide you with safe and much better footing. This is especially important during rainy weather, where the ground can become muddy and slippery. Safety should always be a priority, especially when you have kids.

Shelter from the rain and sun

When people go to your house, or as you and your family come home, you wouldn’t want to get wet from the rain as you step down from your car. You would also want to get out from the rays of the sun while walking around or to your house, especially if you’re living on the beach. Having a covered walkway can help you with these kinds of problem. It can provide you with shelter from the rain or from the annoying heat of the sun. This can provide a more inviting feeling for you and your guests.

Add beauty and value to your house

If you’re planning to sell your house in the future, it’d be best to increase its value to get a better deal from it. Adding a walkway, especially a covered one can enhance the aesthetics and increase the value of your house. This can give you the opportunity to earn more from selling house, while enjoying the added design brought about by the walkway surrounding your home.

Creating a Driveway to Suit Your Taste And Needs

People often overlook their driveways when constructing a new one and when it comes to maintenance. Well, this is understandable since we spend more time inside our houses, than on our driveways. However, your driveway is still a part of your house, and can affect its aesthetic value. So here are some ideas for new driveway constructions and maintenance tips to prolong its clean and contemporary look.

Most houses are patterned with contemporary themed designs, which are simple yet functional. So in constructing a new one, you might consider a circular or round driveway. Although it’d require space, it can serve two purposes for your driveway. One is that it can make your driveway more functional, especially in increasing the space for your vehicles to park in. This can be great if a lot of people come and go from your residence. At the same time, it also goes well for landscaping and gardens.

If you’re home space isn’t enough for a full round driveway, you can also opt for a half arch driveway design. If not a half arch, you can go for driveway aprons, which are essentially perpendicular extensions of your driveway. Both can offer the same advantages as a round one. However, if you have a taste for European inspired and lavish themes, and have the money and ample space for it. You can opt for a courtyard driveway. This can be a driveway that connects to your garage, while going around or connected to your courtyard at the same time. To your driveway courtyard grander, you can place a centerpiece like a fountain or statue in it.

A Fascinating Walkway within Your Grasp

Many people say that it is not about the destination, but the journey along the way. The same goes for different areas of your property. Sometimes the walkway itself can provide a superb experience before even reaching the garden or the house front. For this reason, homeowners should aim to make their walkways as beautiful as any other part of their homes, not only to project an attractive aesthetic, but to create a wonderful experience to its users.

Walkway Ideas

Creating an Attractive Walkway:

Use Dichroic Tiles- Homeowners who love colors, and abstract patterns or designs can opt for these tiles for their walkway. Dichroic tiles comes in different styles so you will not have a hard time finding one that will suit your taste, as well as the theme of your home and garden. These tiles are easy to attain, but are rarely seen in homes so it will definitely give you an edge over your neighbors.

Go For Cobbled Path – If you prefer ancient or conventional styles over a pop of color for your walkway, then cobbled paths are the ones you should go for. Walking on cobbled stones instantly reminds you of old ruins, a cathedral, or even a plaza somewhere in Europe.

Creeping Thyme – Sometimes, individuals want their walkways to be a form of prelude to the garden. In these cases, creeping thyme is the perfect item you can use. It provides greenery that will introduce your garden correctly while serving as a good decoration to the otherwise bare and dull walkway.

Arm Yourself With A Stencil – Art comes in many forms and shapes. Even your ordinary walkway tile can serve as a canvas or platform of expression, especially when you use the right materials. A simple spray paint and stencil can convert your dull walkway into a glamorous piece of art. Simply find the correct pattern and spray away.

Give the walkway a life of its own by employing the said ideas. Always remember that the walkway can add beauty to your home so it should not be neglected for any reason. As they say, it is not about the place itself, but the things you see and experience before reaching it that matters most.

Add Character to Your Driveway

Aside from enabling homeowners like you to get in and out of your property using your vehicle, driveways are also an essential component of the landscaping. The driveway is the area that guest and relatives have to pass through in order to reach your house. Meaning, this is the first place that they will see, allowing them to formulate their initial impression of your property. With that in mind, it is important to make your driveway as well-designed as possible to welcome the guests properly.

Statue Fountain in Circular Driveway

Driveway Styles and Designs:

Flagstone Path Style – This type of driveway is a breath of fresh air in any property. The flagstones create a beautiful pattern that will make your visitors stop in awe. Homeowners who want to add a touch of green in their driveways can easily do so by using the grass found in between the flagstone. It is beautiful and environment-friendly.

Paver Driveway – Ordinary driveways that only utilize a slab of concrete with no design are too boring and lifeless. Instead of settling for that, you can always go for paver driveways that have varying colors, markings, and shapes giving your driveway that much needed character.

Circular Driveway – Small properties can still have the flair and feel of a huge estate with the help of rounded or circular driveways. The best part about it is you can incorporate different tiles, allowing you to unleash your creativity while getting the driveway style you want.

Paver Lights – Driveways are used at any time of the day, even at night. To make it functional and safe, it is better to install pavement lights that will brighten the way. Different colored lights will jazz up your driveway while giving you a clear view. They are ideal embellishments if you are low on cash, but still want to spruce up your area.

Driveways have more benefits than just letting you pass through. It also serves as a reception to outsiders like your friends and relatives. Because you do not want them to be greeted with awful scenery, it is vital to design your driveway the way it should be.