Energy Efficiency At Its Finest

We’ve all been there, you take a look at your electric bill this month and you just want to cry and stomp your foot on the floor because of its high numbers. This is a terrible scenario that nobody wants to experience, but unfortunately a lot of people still do. For this reason, if you are in the process of remodeling your home, or thinking of ways to reduce energy consumption, you may want to look at the suggestions below.

Solar Panels

The first thing that you may think of upon hearing the word solar panel is higher cost, and payment for installation. You may be right at that point, but also think about the huge advantages it can do for you. First off, after a few years, it would have paid itself off. Afterwards, you can take advantage of a 50% reduction in electric bill, plus you will help the environment. How cool is that?

Double Glazed Windows

Your heater is one of the main suspects for your high electric charge. However, you just can’t survive without it because of the cold weather. Well, even if that is the case, you can still lower its consumption by adding double glazed windows in your home. They are great insulators and will keep the heat inside the room or house, allowing you to switch off or reduce the power of your heater.

Timer and Sensor Lights

Lights are essential outside your property because of safety issues, and easy visuals. However, sometimes some homeowners will forget to shut them off, making them consume higher electricity in the process. To fix this, go for lights with timer or sensor. That way, when the sun is up, it will automatically shut off.

Ordinary Windows

Double glazed windows are not the only star when it comes to energy efficiency. Even your ordinary bay or French windows can do wonders. How? Let’s just say more windows equal better lighting and cooling sources.

When you do the following advice, you never have to feel scared of your electric bill again. Sure some of the techniques here may cost a bit high upon installation, but it will definitely lower your consumption for a long period of time.

Small Changes for Big Energy Savings

With the economy right now, everyone is finding ways to save money. From gas, clothes, down to the grocery that you buy, you make sure to attain it with a big discount and bargain. If you really want to save on hard-earned cash, you must start somewhere close to your heart, and that is your own home. That is why we are bringing you several ways on how you can reduce your electric bill consumption.

Remove the Plug – Let’s start from the basic which is the plug and your outlet. Most people do not realize that even if your television, radio, or other appliances is turned off, it is still consuming electricity while it is plugged in its socket. While the cost it consumes may seem low, when accumulated, you will be surprised at how high the charge can get.

Maintain the AC and Heater – Believe it or not, your heater and AC consume a large amount of electricity. This only means one thing, high electric rate for you. This is worsened if one or both of them are damaged or dirty because they work double time to supply you the heat that you need, thereby doubling the electric cost as well. To solve this, clean and maintain these equipments regularly.

Skip the Dishwasher – Having a dishwasher for your home is very convenient for it saves you time and effort that you need in washing the dishes. However, it also consumes electricity, and if you want to cut back on your bill, then ditch this. Go old school and wash your utensils using the sink and a sponge. You can always use the dishwasher for celebrations to save you the trouble.

Let the Oven Be – Despite having a working timer, most people cannot resist the temptation to take a look inside the microwave or oven. When you do this, the temperature descends to 25° Fahrenheit making it longer for the food to cook. In short, it consumes more electricity so leave your oven alone.

Doing small things like these can help your budget a lot. When you receive your electric bill, you will be surprised at the huge changes in its numbers. Make the following a habit because it can help you and your family in the long run.

Creating an Energy Efficient Home with Bricks

Being energy efficient means being more cost efficient. This is something that people should have in mind when planning to build up a house of their own. Cooking and lighting would require a certain amount of energy consumption, which you’ll be paying for. However, the cost for both does not compare to that of the cost for heating and cooling to make a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your house.

If you’re aiming to build an energy efficient house to help you save on the bills later on. The best way would be to have a house built with bricks as the main material. Compared to other lightweight and thin materials commonly used nowadays, bricks have several advantages. One is of course their sturdiness and durability which can make them last far longer compared to other materials. Second, they are more efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to other home building materials used nowadays.

How is a brick home more cost efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to a house built with other materials? The density and the composition of bricks reduce the conduction of heat from outside to the inside of your home. This means that compared to lighter materials, bricks can moderate the temperature within your home even during warm days. This allows you to minimize the settings for home air conditioning during warm days, allowing you to save more on costs in energy consumption. You can make this even more effective by having proper ventilation placement in your home, like the window placements.