Revamp Your Attic Into A Playroom

The attic is frequently one of the most unused rooms inside the house. Some people utilize it as storage, while others prefer to forget about it entirely. If you are fortunate enough to have an attic in your home and you do not know what to do with it, why not turn it into a playroom? Your children will love you for it, and they will still be able to play even if the weather is unfavorable.

attic playroom ideas

Converting the Attic into a Play Area:

1. Paint the Walls: Since the primary users of the attic are children, the room should be colorful. A dull looking room will seem uninviting and your kids will not enjoy their stay, so use different hues and play with it a little. You can even paint it with their favorite characters to make it more enticing.

2. Utilize Play Mats: While play mats are often used as decoration, one of its primary purposes is to protect your child from slipping, or coming directly in contact with the cold floor when playing. Get a rubber play mat (the one the looks like a puzzle) and position it throughout the room.

3. Plush Chairs: To make the room cozier, make use of plush chairs. Get one with different colors, designs, and sizes, and place it on different parts of the attic room. This way, when you invite your children’s friends, they can play or swap stories while sitting comfortably in the chair that you prepared.

4. Age Appropriate Toys: A playroom cannot be called as such without the toys. Purchase age appropriate ones that your kids and their friends can enjoy. Do not forget to designate a specific storage area for the toys so you will not have problems cleaning and tidying up afterwards.

The attic can be easily converted to a playroom by following the steps above. If you think your children are too old for it, you can go for a game room instead. Rather than dolls and toy cars, you can purchase high end consoles and a big TV to make the experience more enjoyable.