4 Steps to a Cozier Bedroom

There are just some days when you want to shut yourself inside your room, crawl in the bed, and rest. Your bedroom provides you solitude, comfort, a place to dream, express, and simply rejuvenate your tired self. For this reason, it is a no brainer to make it cozier and nicer. How do you do it? Just read on to find out.

Step 1: Select your furniture

The type of furniture that you have plays a huge role in turning your room into something more inviting, warmer, and comfortable. Wood is a popular choice among homeowners who want to transform their house to fit this description. If you tend to veer towards modern homes, you can always paint your wooden furniture into something darker, giving it a sleek and polished appearance.

Step 2: Go for neutral and warmer hues

Ivory, beige, tan and other warm colors will definitely cozy up your bedroom. If you do not want to use those for your walls, you can always get a bed, tables, chairs, baskets, bins, or any other accessories matching those colors.

Step 3: Designate a reading nook

If you are a reader, or you just love to lounge beside the window, then this would be perfect for your bedroom. Don’t have a large window to fit the bill? No problem, you can easily create your own nook by placing a cushy chair, complete with blankets and pillows beside a powerful lamp, and you are good to go. This will instantly make your room feel comfortable and enticing.

Step 4: Get the right accessories

Scented candles, rugs, and curtains may seem ordinary individually, but when combined and placed strategically all over the room, it will give off a warm ambiance. Coupled with lots of pillows and proper lighting and you have a bedroom to be proud of.

Having a bed, chair, and table at your bedroom does not automatically spell comfort. In fact, if you only have those furniture’s in your room without adding a few accessories and a pop of colors, you will never get what you are aiming for, which is a bedroom that you can show off, or crawl into in case you ever need that solitude.

Decoration Ideas For Your Bedroom

A bare bedroom with no decorations will easily remind you of a hospital room, or even a prison cell. With this in mind, it is important to design and embellish your room properly, not only to get rid of the hospital feel, but to express your personality as well. Here are some ideas that you can do to beautify your room.

How to Enrich Your Room:

When you enter a room, one of the first things you notice is the bed. Since the bed serves as a focal point, it is only natural to focus your attention on it. If you plan to replace the bed altogether, then get one with a nice headboard with intricate trimmings. This will make it more noticeable and beautiful. If that is not possible, then replace your sheets with something more alluring. Go for the right pattern and fabric and not only will you create an aesthetically attractive room, but a cozy one as well.

Color your world by painting the walls with calm hues such as green, blue, and violet. Aside from the tranquility it provides, those colors also give the illusion of more space which is a win-win situation no matter how you view it. If you want to go with the traditional white paint, then do not forget to put up paintings. If you are more of a shutterbug, you can always use the pictures you took to decorate your walls. This will give your room a certain personality, and you will see the good memories before going to sleep.

Sometimes, a simple lamp, or chair will help spruce up your bedroom. Get a one with a decoration or pattern of your choosing, and proudly display it near your bed. Even small things like a quirky clock, basket, or curtain will liven up the place so do not forgo these details.

Decorate your room in accordance with your style, mood, and personality. Do not leave it bare because it will not make you satisfied at the end of the day. Besides, your bedroom reflects the kind of person you are, and by leaving it bare and undecorated, you might as well admit that you are a strange person with no creative bone.

Ideas in Creating a Contemporary Bedroom

The bedroom is your place of refuge after a hard day’s work, so it’s a necessity that you should be comfortable in it. One way of doing so is by giving it the design, as well as furnishing that you want it to have. If contemporary is the theme that you want for your bedroom, you might consider the ideas below.

You’re bedroom is a place where you sleep in, so it needs to have a relaxing feel to it. You can start with your contemporary bedroom makeover, by changing the colors of the walls of your bedroom. A good choice would be a neutral shade of green, which can provide you with a natural and relaxing feel. Aside from that, you can also choose blue or even a neutral shade of gray. However, if you want to have a more daring approach, you can also opt for a red color on your walls.

Next, we’ll go with the furniture that you’ll add into your bedroom. Contemporary home ideas are more on simple and sleek compared to elaborate and load. If you want to go for a contemporary look, choose furniture items which come in colors like dark wood or metal. Another thing about bedroom furniture is the bed. In picking out a bed, you need choose one that you’re comfortable we, but has a modern look. You can consider adding a platform bed into your bedroom. This allows a simple elevated design, without the bulky stands. Aside from that, there are platform beds that come with drawers, which is great for storing your clothes and other items.

Accessories are often kept to a minimum when you want to promote a contemporary feel with your bedroom. The fewer the accessories in the room, the less cluttered it will look. Talking about clutters, you should also make sure that you add a suitable cabinet to file your stuffs into to avoid making a clutter in your room.