Top Tips In Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom needs careful planning, a decent amount of budget, and all the inspiration and ideas you can get. You are in luck, because today you will learn a thing or two regarding the renovation of your bathroom. By keeping this in mind, you will surely turn your bathroom into a one of a kind area that promises not only beauty, but tranquility and comfort.

Tip#1: Coordination is the key

A mismatched tiles and decoration has a personality of its own, but it tends to be distracting to the eyes and does not promote comfort. Because most people seek calmness in the bathroom, having a contrasting design may be a bad idea. Instead, opt for coordination with the colors, style, and decor. To make it easier, it is best to select a theme beforehand.

Tip#2: Divide properly

The wet area should stay on one side, the dry one on the other. This is a simple reminder that most people forget. It is hard to prepare, do your makeup, and dress inside a bathroom that is overflowing with water. Sometimes a simple shower curtain will do the trick, but you can also install a glass divider to make it classier.

Tip#3: Make it cozy with wood

Though wood and water do not mix well, you can still use this for your bathroom. Place wooden cabinets and platforms on strategic locations, or use it as a form of accent to your bathroom.

Tip#4: Compartmentalize everything

Towels, soaps, lotions, there are a lot of things inside your bathroom. Because you do not want a disorganized space, you need to have the right containers in tow. You can utilize cabinets or baskets. The former can also serve a dual purpose by hiding the bottom of the sink, or any unpleasant pipes inside the bathroom. You can even put a mirror on top of the short cupboard and make it your vanity area.

As you can see, a lot of ideas can be used when renovating your bathroom. Do not scrimp on this project because you will use it for many years. A comfortable, beautiful, and clean bathroom will give you the solace you need so follow the tips above

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

The bathroom is where you cleanse your body, relax, and escape even for a short period. Seeing that it is very useful, it is only appropriate to give it the upgrade it deserves. Here are some quick and simple ways on how you can enhance your bathroom from an ordinary one, to a fabulous looking area.

Fix the Lighting

Unbeknownst to many homeowners, the lighting can instantly give a different ambiance to a room. It can brighten the place, promote relaxation, gives the feeling of cleanliness, and creates the illusion of more space. Place different light source on varying parts of the bathroom and see how well it enhances the area. You can also try putting it below, above, or around the mirrors to make your shaving or makeup application easier.

Replace Your Containers

Your laundry bins and baskets also affect the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Instead of going for a conventional looking one, you can opt for more colorful or well-designed containers that will instantly perk up the room. Even if it contains your dirty clothes, it does not mean that it cannot look fabulous.

Roll That Towel

When you go to a hotel or a bed and breakfast, you will see rolled up towels in the bathroom. Why do they do that? Aside from saving more space, it looks better and more posh. Make your bathroom look expensive by doing this easy and cheap step.

Hide Your Dirty Secret

Some secrets are meant to be hidden or erased from your memory, and that includes the bottom of the sink, pipes, and the like. If you have the budget, you can try remodeling the place to make the pipes “magically vanish.” You can also purchase a sink skirt to dress your beloved sink.

Do not take your bathroom for granted. You use it for a multitude of things every single day so you have to give it the love it deserves. The aforementioned steps are far cheaper and easier than other ideas so you can follow this without feeling guilty about your budget. Use your imagination or look at magazines for a style inspiration.

Improving Your Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is important to any room inside the house. If done correctly, lighting can give life to the smallest rooms possible. It is always a challenge to lighting any area of the house and much less the bathroom. This article will focus on ways to improve your bathroom lighting.

Consider using lighting fixtures. These are normally set alongside the mirror either above it or on it. This offers recessed lighting which is self-sufficient in itself. You can also place mirrors on the sides of the wall and enhance it by installing vanity light. Vanity light either above or besides the mirror will help in elimination the shadows as this is main reason for the mirror. Regular change of diffusers will also help in increasing the level of illumination and keep a cleaner environment. Choose the right bulbs to use in the bathroom depending on the purpose used for the mirror in the bathroom.

These are just but a few ways which you can improve the lighting in your bathroom and make it look bigger and better.