Basement Turned Crafts Area

A good crafts person such as yourself needs a room where you can place, design, and create your own masterpiece. Since you need that extra area, here is where the basement comes in. From a dark and gloomy space, you can transform it into your very own crafts room. Don’t know how to do it? Just follow the directions indicated.

Create Your Own Crafts Room:

1. Every crafts man needs an appropriately sized work table. This is where you will draw, cut, paste, sew, paint, or change any design, layout, and crafts that you have in mind. A wooden table is preferred by people who want to go for a cozier appeal, but if you always deal with the saw, or materials of the same kind then it is highly recommended to get a metal table instead.

2. When people design a crafts room, they often overlook the sink. This is essential, because more often than not, crafts projects tend to be messy, especially if your children always join in on the fun. When there is a sink, everything is made easier because you do not have to leave the room to clean your materials.

3. A dirty and messy room does not spark creativity; it only puts you through chaos. Organize your crafts area by using drawers, labeled boxes, transparent canisters, or even shelving if you are into wooden crafts or grander and bigger projects. You can mount some of your equipments in the wall to save space.

4. As crafts are synonymous with creativity and an artistic mind, do not forgo the decoration and design of the place. Paint the walls, hang your creations, put colorful materials, anything that will satisfy your creative streak. As long as it inspires you for your work, then go for it.

Gone are the days when the basement is used as a place to hide your skeletons and things that you never want to see again. So go ahead and transform your basement into something better and more functional. You will enjoy and get to utilize the place, while getting the area that you and crafts deserve.

Lounge and Entertain In Your Own Basement

If your basement still looks like an eerie place where cults will gather in the middle of the night, then someone should slap some sense into you because you are just wasting precious space. Instead of letting the rats enjoy the area, you should turn it into a bar where you and your friends can just sit around, chat, and drink to your heart’s content.

1. Ambient Lighting: Bars are associated with dim lighting because it creates the sense of intimacy as well as privacy. To recreate this feeling, dim your light to the right notch, but make sure that you are still comfortable enough to recognize everyone, and see what is happening inside your basement.

2. Use the Right Decoration: Have you ever seen a flower, or fountain inside a guys bar? If not, then follow from this example. Use the ample decoration such as barrels, pictures, and the like. Use your imagination, or ask the opinion of your friends to see what they want to see inside the bar.

3. Set up an island or counter: Even if you are not going to ask your friends and relatives for payment after you serve that beverage, it is still important to have an island or counter inside the bar. Doing so will really make your place feel and look like a genuine bar.

4. Entertainment for everyone: A nice chat is inevitable inside the bar, but after a while people may get bored. Get a big television and mount it somewhere high where all your guests will be able to view it. You can also get speakers for music, billiards, and darts to keep everyone well entertained.

Instead of going around town looking for the hippest place to socialize, why not create your own area and set up a bar? You do not have to pay an entrance fee, you have the whole place to yourself, you can eat and drink whatever you please, do whatever you want, and you will only invite the ones that you are comfortable with. What is not to like? Go ahead and start the renovation now.

3 Questions to Creating a Desirable Basement

If you’re looking for a way to make your basement desirable like the rest of your house, but don’t know how to start. Then you might want to consider answering these three questions in order to get you started on the perfect renovation of your basement space. The first question that you need to consider is how big is your basement space? You should first determine how big your basement space is before planning on any renovation that you want done. By estimating the space that you have, you will be able to have a better picture on what you can add in it and where to place things.

After determining the available space in your basement, the second question that you need to consider is what would it be used for? Since you already know the amount of space you have, you’ll need to determine what you’re going to use the space for. Do you need to build a new bedroom for your guests or for your growing kid? Maybe perhaps you have adequate space to create a game or music room for your leisure.

Lastly, you need to ask how much can you afford. Practically, how much you’re willing to spend will determine the outcome of your renovation. However, this doesn’t mean that you need a great deal of money in one instant to go through with it. You can start slowly within the limits of your funding. You might want to start with installing proper lighting, then doing the walls and flooring. After doing these, you can then purchase decoration and furniture to add into your renovated basement space to fulfill its function.

Three Ideas to Transform Your Basement Into

If you think that basements are just dark and spooky areas in a house, just like what you see in most suspense and horror movies, then you might want to think again. There are several ideas that can help you transform your basement from a spooky picture in your head, into something that you can call awesome. The following are three things that you might consider for your basement’s possible look and function.

First, you might consider creating an entertainment room out of your basement space. Add some furniture, a large TV screen and you can have a basement home theatre to enjoy those Friday night movie marathons. If you’re not the movie junkie, then how about adding a bar and a pool table to make it a cool place to hang out with the guys.

Second, you can also transform your basement into a bedroom for your guests or for your growing family. If you often have your mother over or even other relatives and friends, it would be convenient to have a room that can accommodate them. It would also be perfect if you have growing kids. One day, they’re going to need to have their own room, so why not a basement bedroom?

Last, but definitely not least, is to create a workshop or office space out of your basement space. Compared to having a workshop or office space within your house, a basement office or workshop provides you with better privacy. This will allow you to concentrate on what you’re working on, without having to worry about kids running into your office.