Windows That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Windows have been used since the day man learned how to build a house. That is because it lets in the breeze, gives natural lighting, and allows individuals to see if there are any visitors, or even danger lurking without actually going outside. Since day one, different designs and styles have been employed, but very few have a staying power. Today you will learn what those windows are and why they will never go out of style.

Bay Windows

These types of windows extend outwards giving homeowners more leg room and visual space. Bay windows have been employed since medieval times, but many individuals utilize them up to the present because of its benefits. A bay window gives you the opportunity to add a reading nook to your home because of the extra area so take advantage of this.

Different Shaped Windows

Windows are typically seen in a square or rectangular shape. However, diamonds, oblong, circular, octagon, or any other shapes that you can think of are still in use and refuses to dwindle in popularity because of its beautiful aesthetic and unique vibe.

French Quarter Windows

People who loves to incorporate bits and pieces of France in their homes will definitely like this type of window. It gives off a classic appearance in any establishment and looks posh without trying hard.

Sliding Windows

Modern styled homes are best equipped with these types of windows. They became hugely popular the moment they came out because of their low cost and easy maintenance. Aside from that, it lends a contemporary allure to any house.

Stained Glass Windows

Stained windows are typically seen in chapels or cathedrals. However, despite the general consensus, they are not only used in those holy places, but in grand homes with artistic designs. Their different colors and abstract styles are not commonplace so it is best to try it for your home.

The aforementioned windows have long been used and will not go out of style any time soon. Choose one or more and look how well it transforms your place. Windows not only gives light, breeze, and visualization, it also provides allure and a breath of fresh air in any area.


Choosing the Right Entrance Door Design for Your Home

In choosing a design for your front door, there are things that are necessary for you to consider. One would be the overall design of your house. It is important that your door should follow the overall design of the house, unless of course you’d want it to look like it shouldn’t belong there. Another factor would be safety. Front doors with glass insets can give have striking look, but can also attract burglars since the glass can easily be broken to gain entry. So there security issues in your area, better go with solid designs for wooden or fiber glass doors.

In choosing a front door, you can easily find several design options. Why not go for an antique looking design for your door, if you have a palatial estate or if your house is in the country side. Other design options like Colonial, Georgian or Victorian themed doors can also be a great option for the design of your front door.

Doors with minimal designs can be a great option, if you’re living in the city or if you’re setting a contemporary look for your house. Doors with clean lines and a stylish handle can be a perfect choice for contemporary themed houses. You can also add a more elegant look with glass insets to your door. Etched, stained or translucent glass on your doors can give your front door a look that can blend together with your contemporary designed house. Aside from that, glass allows light to pass through, illuminating your hallway entrance.

Practical Factors In Choosing a Fence and Gate

Ok so you want to build a gate and a fence around your house, but don’t know how it should look like or which materials to use. If you’re having a hard time deciding, then you might find the following tips helpful.

Primary function and use

Before deciding what kind of fence you’d want to have, you’ll need to consider its primary use first. If you’re building a fence to keep your kids or pets within your home then a concrete fence with no gaps and an iron or steel gate would be a good choice. You can also use wooden or steel made fences, but just make sure that there are no or very little gap that your child or pet can squeeze through. For aesthetic purposes, you can simply choose a design that you fancy and can go well with your overall house design.


Most fences are built not to make most homes more attractive, but commonly it’s built for safety and security. If you want to keep people out, a sturdy fence and gate should be installed. Concrete fences that block your house from outside view can provide great security. Steel and concrete fences, coupled with a steel or iron gate can provide you with better protection. A wooden fence can be used. However, it’s less durable and won’t last very long.


Just like any other part of your house, you’d also want the overall exterior to be projected by the fixtures you constructed for your home. A concrete fence that covers everything around your house from the eyes of passerby’s can be more secured. However, if you’re going for one that can give your house exterior are more contemporary look, steel or irons fences and gates should be your choice. They’re durable and can offer great protection, at the same time, they are utilized for various designs.

Dress Up Your Windows

Windows are fundamental pieces in any home or establishment. Without it your place will look like a dungeon or a gloomy area with little to no source of lighting or air. However, even if you do have windows in your home, leaving it as is with no treatments at all will make it seem bare and unmanaged. What you need to do is to dress it up, make it beautiful, and give it the love it deserves.

window treatment

Different Treatment for the Windows:


  • Wallpapers– Like the walls, windows can also be spruced up with wallpaper. Get one with your chosen design or theme and simply mount it on your window. Your place will instantly look great, and did not cost that much too.
  • Roman Shades-This type of shades are perfect for keeping the glare of the sun out while providing your house an attractive appearance. As they say, do what the Romans do.


  • Woven Blinds– Achieving a country or even eastern appeal for your home is made easier with woven blinds. It comes in different colors, but the brown one is highly popular now so that would be a good choice for your house.
  • Vertical Blinds– Small homes or apartments will benefit from vertical blinds because it gives the impression of a larger space when displayed correctly. Aside from that, blinds are usually horizontal so if you want to veer away from the norm, then this is the one for you.


  • Damask Curtains– This type of pattern oozes sophistication and sleekness. If you love art and want to incorporate it on your home without purchasing paintings or statues, then it is best to go for Damask patterned curtains.
  • Patchwork Quilt– People who loves to sew or create their own designs can go for patchwork quilt curtains. You can use old pieces of clothing, blanket, and the like to make your own curtain. The best thing about it is it does not cost a thing and to top it off, it is highly personalized.

May the following samples serve as a guide in dressing up your windows, as well as sprucing up your home. There are a lot more ideas out there just waiting to be discovered, so do your research and use it wisely.

Choosing Between Contemporary and Traditional Windows

Windows are important parts of every house. They allow sunlight to illuminate the rooms of your house during day the day and can ventilation as well. When it comes to window designs for your new house or for your renovations, there are two themes that you can choose from. One is the contemporary themed windows which has a more minimalistic approach and the other are traditional, elaborate and old fashioned designs.

Contemporary windows are the most common types being used by modern day homes. They provide a more simple approach and have minimal to plain designs. They are usually painted in solid colors which offer a clean and simple look, which often comes in white. They require less maintenance and are less of a hassle when it comes to cleaning. They are designed to provide effective insulation and increase energy efficiency. When both functions are achieved, they are considered to be great addition to your house.

Traditional windows on the other hand have elaborate designs and often come with a larger size. They were originally designed for looking out a view from a room in your house. So they would probably fit more in your retreat house, where a view of a river or a clear mountain view can be seen. The elaborate design on this type of window can add to the aesthetics, but are quite difficult to clean and maintain. If you have time and energy to spend cleaning through small creases in the window design, then you can certainly have one for your home. Make sure that you choose a type of window that can provide the functions that you require and you can maintain.

Front Door Ideas Perfect for Your Home

Your front door is the something that separates the exterior of your house from the interior, and is the first thing that people need pass through in order to get inside. Since it is the most noticeable part in your house before anyone can enter it, you can easily make a statement from it by getting a front door with a design that is suitable to your preference. Commonly, doors have standard sizes that range from 30-60 inches in width and 80-96 inches in length. Anything above these measurements is considered a custom door and often has a higher cost.

When deciding for the design of your door, it is necessary to consider the design of the rest of your house. Why? Because you don’t want to make your door look out of place. Always consider the overall design of your house and have a door that compliments or has the same design.

Aside from the door design, another important thing that you need to decide on is the material to be used for your door. The most common are wooden doors, which can give your entrance a classical and natural look. However, a wooden door may require maintenance in order to avoid damages. Another option would be steel, which doesn’t require any maintenance. On the down side, steel doors are heavy and have limited designs available. Fiber glass door can also be a great option among the three. It is sturdy and requires no maintenance and at the same time, it can be designed the same way with those of wooden doors.