Picking the Right Color for Your New Home

One of the things that can bring life to a house is its color. Painting a specific color over your house can affect its value positively if the paint on your home exterior is done nicely, or it could very well end up having a low value if the paint color isn’t suitable. If you’re fond of bright colors, you can opt for it if you’re staying for a long time. However, if you’re planning to sell it later on, it’d be safer to start with neutral colors. Contemporary designs make use of neutral colors rather than bright ones. White is a great choice for contemporary themed houses.

In deciding which color to pick for your house, you need to consider several factors first. One, if you’re living in a subdivision, make sure that you inquire whether the color of your choice is acceptable to the neighborhood. Two, the type of material your house is made off. If you have a brick house, make sure that the paint color and type is compatible with it. Lastly, after deciding a paint color for the body of your house, you need to paint the gutters, windows and other house exterior with colors that correlate to the body. However, it isn’t necessary for all of them to have the same color.

Another option would be to repaint your house according to each season or trend. You can have brown or certain blue hues for winter and fall season. Brighter shade of blue can be great for summer and spring. Picking a paint color for your house isn’t really that difficult.

Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your House

One of the easiest tasks when building up a new home is choosing the color of the exterior of your house. Aside from painting new houses, you can also repaint your house to suit the color of the season or keep on par with the recent trend. Keeping up with the popular house colors can be one way of increasing the value of your house if you ever decide to sell.

If you’re trying to set up a contemporary theme, repainting your house white can be a good choice. It gives your house a crisp and clean look, which is what contemporary designs are all about, simplicity and a clean look. Aside from the exterior painting, you can also use white for family rooms and in other parts of the house. Blue paint can be another option, which can complement the current season. Although it mostly associated with summer and spring, varying shades of blue can have varying results and appeal.

For fall and winter colors, you can go with brown paired with soft gray or a cool shade of blue. You can also pair up brown with a shade of gold and have it painted on your living room in order to invoke a warm feeling in your room. There are also other paint and designs that you can explore from your local paint shops or ones with online offers. However, the important thing to remember is that the paint color of your choosing should be one that can complement and suitable to your house. If you’re house is made from bricks, stones or wooden materials, you should make sure that the paint you purchase works well with these type of surfaces.