Incorporate Stones In Your House Exterior

When you visualize a castle, you will come up with impenetrable stone walls. Since outsiders are always trying to conquer the castle, the King has to ensure that the walls are indestructible and will be able to withstand the attack of enemies. Though many years have passed, stone is still one of the most ideal materials that you can use for your property given its durability and low maintenance. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate it on the exterior part of your home.

Stone Arches

Whether used as a part of the gate or an entryway, stone arches will give your property an overwhelming appeal. This is due to its intimidating size and appearance. Stepping through the archway will give you the feeling that you are transported to the past, so it is a great experience that you can offer your guests and relatives.

Stone Walls

As stated earlier, walls that are made with stone are sturdier than those that are created with other materials such as wood. Aside from that, you do not have to maintain it, and you are comforted by the fact that termites will not damage the wall in any way. Stones also comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and shades, making it one of the most practical and ideal materials to use for your walls.

Stone Patio

This area of the house is not only used for summer and recreation of the whole family, but as an extra legroom for your home. Because most patios are equipped with pools, it is only practical to use stone flooring instead of wood, tiles, and any other components. Plus, it looks grander, and will last longer.

Stone Well

If you have a large property and you want a grand and charming design, you can always try adding a well made from none other than stone. It will surely make the house exterior more unique and enchanting to the guests. In addition, your children will love wishing in it.

Stones are a natural gift of nature that you can use in any part of your house, especially the exterior area. Take advantage of its durability and longevity. With so many shades and shapes available, you will have no problems turning the stone into an architectural wonder.

Brick Designs In Different Parts Of Your Property

The use of bricks can be traced back to earlier civilization, but until this day, people still see its value and utilize it for different parts of their property. Bricks are stronger and will definitely last longer than wood, or any other materials that are normally found in the house. With this regards, it would be a shame not to use it to your advantage. If you are thinking of ways on how to design your place using this material, then you are in luck because here are some ideas for you.

  • The Walkway- For those who are familiar with Wizards of Oz, you will remember a yellow brick road that different characters walked on. Though you are not trying to recreate the story, there is no shame in using that idea to beautify your property. A brick pathway eliminates mud on your shoes, it will even prevent you from slipping come winter or rainy season, plus it looks marvelously posh and wonderful.
  • The Garden- Bricks can also be used in the garden for your plant box, or even as a trimming on your stone walkway. It looks better, and simply enchanting. So if you are a fan of The Secret Garden, then using bricks is an idea that you should not hesitate to follow.
  • The Chimney- Though a lot of people are trying to remodel the design and look of chimneys by using metal, wood, and other materials, it is safe to say that nothing beats the classic. Everyone knows that traditional chimneys are made with bricks, and that is not only because of its great function, but its overall aesthetic as well. So if you want a chimney for your house then you should definitely use bricks.
  • The House Extension- Making another room for the purpose of extra leg room is expensive because of the wirings, plumbing, and other similar factors. That is why, instead of doing that, you can try putting bricks on the floor and using the space as an extension of the house. There you can place an extra chair, table, and other furniture.

Bricks have been around for hundreds of years because of its usefulness and beauty. With this in mind, it is safe to assume that it would be around for a longer period. Do what others before you tried and found highly advantageous. Meaning, you should utilize bricks for your property, and reap all its benefits.

Creating That Top Value House with Bricks and Stones

So you’re gathering ideas for your new house that you’re planning to build. There are several modern day designs and ideas out there that you can choose from, but with the endless options can get your head spinning. Aside from the design, another thing that you need to consider for the construction is the materials that are going to be used. If you want to make a good investment, it would be best to go for materials like brick and stone for the construction.

Compared to other commonly used materials nowadays, bricks and stones can provide better advantages. One is their durability. Brick and stone houses can remain standing for several years and are known to be durable compared to houses made out of light materials. This allows you to save on cost for repairs later on. They also give a classic look, which most people find attractive in house.

Since these are sought after home building materials, there several design ideas for houses which have either brick or stones as the main material. Because of these, there are several design ideas that you can explore. You can have the exterior painted with a color that can match with your outdoor aesthetics. Aside from the varying designs available, another advantage of houses made from these materials is that they have high selling value when in good condition. Also, brick and stone houses are considered to be energy efficient houses, as they limit the conduction of heat into your house. Together with proper ventilation, they can make you feel cozy in your house, even when the sun is high up.

Creating an Energy Efficient Home with Bricks

Being energy efficient means being more cost efficient. This is something that people should have in mind when planning to build up a house of their own. Cooking and lighting would require a certain amount of energy consumption, which you’ll be paying for. However, the cost for both does not compare to that of the cost for heating and cooling to make a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your house.

If you’re aiming to build an energy efficient house to help you save on the bills later on. The best way would be to have a house built with bricks as the main material. Compared to other lightweight and thin materials commonly used nowadays, bricks have several advantages. One is of course their sturdiness and durability which can make them last far longer compared to other materials. Second, they are more efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to other home building materials used nowadays.

How is a brick home more cost efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to a house built with other materials? The density and the composition of bricks reduce the conduction of heat from outside to the inside of your home. This means that compared to lighter materials, bricks can moderate the temperature within your home even during warm days. This allows you to minimize the settings for home air conditioning during warm days, allowing you to save more on costs in energy consumption. You can make this even more effective by having proper ventilation placement in your home, like the window placements.