Enviable Rooftop Deck For Everyone

Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a house with a rooftop deck due to budget constraints and other factors. If you are one of the few who do have them, then it is time for you to reinvent it into a magical area where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view while sipping your favorite drink with that special person or even your buddies.

Comfortable Seating

If you are planning to entertain your family and friends in the rooftop deck, then it is only natural to have comfortable sitting that will allow them to stay for several hours. Reclining lounge chairs are perfect because your guests will be given the opportunity to lie back and stare at the blue sky or stars when night falls. You should also consider putting a hammock or two in there. Not only does it recreate the feeling of being on the beach, it is also very comfortable to sit or sleep in.

Add Some Greenery

You are in luck if your rooftop deck happened to be located on the beachfront or somewhere near the river because there is an available view to look at. However, if you live in the urban area, chances are, you will only see buildings and establishments. While the lights they create are amusing come night time, it is boring and stuffy in the morning. That is why putting plants, orchids, and other greenery are recommended. It gives you something great to look at and creates a cozy ambiance as well.

Include Waterworks

Water is calming, soothing to the ears, and a marvel to behold. If you think your rooftop deck is too plain for comfort, then place a water fountain there. It will immediately revamp the place, add a comforting sound, and help you relieve stress.

Aside from the aforementioned, do not forget to put marvelous lighting that will make it easier for you and your friends to lounge in the rooftop deck at night. The deck is a good place to bond, eat a scrumptious meal, and have the time of your life with the people you love.

Incorporate Stones In Your House Exterior

When you visualize a castle, you will come up with impenetrable stone walls. Since outsiders are always trying to conquer the castle, the King has to ensure that the walls are indestructible and will be able to withstand the attack of enemies. Though many years have passed, stone is still one of the most ideal materials that you can use for your property given its durability and low maintenance. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate it on the exterior part of your home.

Stone Arches

Whether used as a part of the gate or an entryway, stone arches will give your property an overwhelming appeal. This is due to its intimidating size and appearance. Stepping through the archway will give you the feeling that you are transported to the past, so it is a great experience that you can offer your guests and relatives.

Stone Walls

As stated earlier, walls that are made with stone are sturdier than those that are created with other materials such as wood. Aside from that, you do not have to maintain it, and you are comforted by the fact that termites will not damage the wall in any way. Stones also comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and shades, making it one of the most practical and ideal materials to use for your walls.

Stone Patio

This area of the house is not only used for summer and recreation of the whole family, but as an extra legroom for your home. Because most patios are equipped with pools, it is only practical to use stone flooring instead of wood, tiles, and any other components. Plus, it looks grander, and will last longer.

Stone Well

If you have a large property and you want a grand and charming design, you can always try adding a well made from none other than stone. It will surely make the house exterior more unique and enchanting to the guests. In addition, your children will love wishing in it.

Stones are a natural gift of nature that you can use in any part of your house, especially the exterior area. Take advantage of its durability and longevity. With so many shades and shapes available, you will have no problems turning the stone into an architectural wonder.

Brick Designs In Different Parts Of Your Property

The use of bricks can be traced back to earlier civilization, but until this day, people still see its value and utilize it for different parts of their property. Bricks are stronger and will definitely last longer than wood, or any other materials that are normally found in the house. With this regards, it would be a shame not to use it to your advantage. If you are thinking of ways on how to design your place using this material, then you are in luck because here are some ideas for you.

  • The Walkway- For those who are familiar with Wizards of Oz, you will remember a yellow brick road that different characters walked on. Though you are not trying to recreate the story, there is no shame in using that idea to beautify your property. A brick pathway eliminates mud on your shoes, it will even prevent you from slipping come winter or rainy season, plus it looks marvelously posh and wonderful.
  • The Garden- Bricks can also be used in the garden for your plant box, or even as a trimming on your stone walkway. It looks better, and simply enchanting. So if you are a fan of The Secret Garden, then using bricks is an idea that you should not hesitate to follow.
  • The Chimney- Though a lot of people are trying to remodel the design and look of chimneys by using metal, wood, and other materials, it is safe to say that nothing beats the classic. Everyone knows that traditional chimneys are made with bricks, and that is not only because of its great function, but its overall aesthetic as well. So if you want a chimney for your house then you should definitely use bricks.
  • The House Extension- Making another room for the purpose of extra leg room is expensive because of the wirings, plumbing, and other similar factors. That is why, instead of doing that, you can try putting bricks on the floor and using the space as an extension of the house. There you can place an extra chair, table, and other furniture.

Bricks have been around for hundreds of years because of its usefulness and beauty. With this in mind, it is safe to assume that it would be around for a longer period. Do what others before you tried and found highly advantageous. Meaning, you should utilize bricks for your property, and reap all its benefits.

3 Reasons to Have Fences and a Gate

So you’ve built a new house or you’ve bought a new one. Before you get comfy with your new abode, you might want to consider building a fence around it and a gate to go with it. Why you ask. Here are three perfectly good reasons why you should have fences and a gate built for your home.

Increasing safety and security

Having a fence and a gate built up can increase safety and security. In what way? One, it can keep suspicious characters and stray animals out of your property. Two, it can prevent your pets and kids, if you have any, from wandering off. Provided however, that you’re fence is designed for such. Concrete and wrought iron fences with gap fillers can be perfect to meet this function.

Better aesthetics and home design

Fences nowadays come in varying makes and designs. There are sturdy wooden fences like picket or cedar fences that are used for dramatic fence designs. Aside from wooden fences, there are concrete and iron fences that are designed to compliment a specific theme for house design. If you’re going for a more natural and dramatic look, a picket fence can be a good choice. For a more contemporary and sturdy one, a wrought iron fence coupled with a gate made from the same material is a more favorable choice.

Increasing house value

Fences and gates can complement the landscaping and the overall design for your house. Aside from that, it also adds better security. Because of this, a residence with fences and a gate built around it has a much higher value compared to ones without.

Windows That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Windows have been used since the day man learned how to build a house. That is because it lets in the breeze, gives natural lighting, and allows individuals to see if there are any visitors, or even danger lurking without actually going outside. Since day one, different designs and styles have been employed, but very few have a staying power. Today you will learn what those windows are and why they will never go out of style.

Bay Windows

These types of windows extend outwards giving homeowners more leg room and visual space. Bay windows have been employed since medieval times, but many individuals utilize them up to the present because of its benefits. A bay window gives you the opportunity to add a reading nook to your home because of the extra area so take advantage of this.

Different Shaped Windows

Windows are typically seen in a square or rectangular shape. However, diamonds, oblong, circular, octagon, or any other shapes that you can think of are still in use and refuses to dwindle in popularity because of its beautiful aesthetic and unique vibe.

French Quarter Windows

People who loves to incorporate bits and pieces of France in their homes will definitely like this type of window. It gives off a classic appearance in any establishment and looks posh without trying hard.

Sliding Windows

Modern styled homes are best equipped with these types of windows. They became hugely popular the moment they came out because of their low cost and easy maintenance. Aside from that, it lends a contemporary allure to any house.

Stained Glass Windows

Stained windows are typically seen in chapels or cathedrals. However, despite the general consensus, they are not only used in those holy places, but in grand homes with artistic designs. Their different colors and abstract styles are not commonplace so it is best to try it for your home.

The aforementioned windows have long been used and will not go out of style any time soon. Choose one or more and look how well it transforms your place. Windows not only gives light, breeze, and visualization, it also provides allure and a breath of fresh air in any area.


Picking the Right Color for Your New Home

One of the things that can bring life to a house is its color. Painting a specific color over your house can affect its value positively if the paint on your home exterior is done nicely, or it could very well end up having a low value if the paint color isn’t suitable. If you’re fond of bright colors, you can opt for it if you’re staying for a long time. However, if you’re planning to sell it later on, it’d be safer to start with neutral colors. Contemporary designs make use of neutral colors rather than bright ones. White is a great choice for contemporary themed houses.

In deciding which color to pick for your house, you need to consider several factors first. One, if you’re living in a subdivision, make sure that you inquire whether the color of your choice is acceptable to the neighborhood. Two, the type of material your house is made off. If you have a brick house, make sure that the paint color and type is compatible with it. Lastly, after deciding a paint color for the body of your house, you need to paint the gutters, windows and other house exterior with colors that correlate to the body. However, it isn’t necessary for all of them to have the same color.

Another option would be to repaint your house according to each season or trend. You can have brown or certain blue hues for winter and fall season. Brighter shade of blue can be great for summer and spring. Picking a paint color for your house isn’t really that difficult.

Tips to Increase Home Security

With the rising incidence of crime including burglary, your home may be the next target by burglars and other criminals to break into. There are steps that you can take in order to increase the security measures inside and outside your house. One is by making the design of your house exterior less inviting to burglars. How do you do this? One is by making sure that you’re light fixtures outside your house covers the entire area around it at night.

Most burglary happens during the night. Burglars operate under the cover of darkness so they won’t get spotted easily. By putting up sufficient lighting around your home, it can minimize the chances of your home becoming the next target. You can also have a fence and a gate set up around your house if you have enough space and budget for the costs.

The next thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have sturdy locks and have the old ones replaced if you’ve moved into a new house. It is imperative that you change locks after buying a new house since you don’t know who else have keys to it. Since the common entry points are doors and windows, make sure that each of these entrances are provided with sturdy locks. Don’t leave them open when you’re out or while you sleep.

Of course, adding motion sensors, alarms and surveillance cameras to your home can make it even safer. Surveillance cameras allow you to monitor the surroundings of your home for suspicious characters lurking about. Motion sensors and alarms on the other hand, can help notify neighbors and the authorities of a possible break-in in your home.

Choosing the Right Entrance Door Design for Your Home

In choosing a design for your front door, there are things that are necessary for you to consider. One would be the overall design of your house. It is important that your door should follow the overall design of the house, unless of course you’d want it to look like it shouldn’t belong there. Another factor would be safety. Front doors with glass insets can give have striking look, but can also attract burglars since the glass can easily be broken to gain entry. So there security issues in your area, better go with solid designs for wooden or fiber glass doors.

In choosing a front door, you can easily find several design options. Why not go for an antique looking design for your door, if you have a palatial estate or if your house is in the country side. Other design options like Colonial, Georgian or Victorian themed doors can also be a great option for the design of your front door.

Doors with minimal designs can be a great option, if you’re living in the city or if you’re setting a contemporary look for your house. Doors with clean lines and a stylish handle can be a perfect choice for contemporary themed houses. You can also add a more elegant look with glass insets to your door. Etched, stained or translucent glass on your doors can give your front door a look that can blend together with your contemporary designed house. Aside from that, glass allows light to pass through, illuminating your hallway entrance.

Setting Up Your Outdoor Deck Space

A deck space outside your house can be a great addition if you have the space for it. It can have several functions in your home, like a place for entertaining guests or chilling out after a hard day’s work. Your deck space can be an opening from your kitchen, dining room or living room. So it’s only natural that it’ll have the same design as the rest of your home exterior. However, in order to make it fully functional, you’ll need to have the right furnishing for it.

The first thing that you can add is a set of chairs and a table. If you’re going for a more natural look with your wooden designed deck, you’d want to compliment it with wooden furniture. This can promote that nature like atmosphere. On the other hand, if you’re going for a more modern look, a set of steel furniture or wooden furniture with dark finish can be a great choice. Just make sure that the color and design of your deck space and the furniture you’re going to put in it would match. If you have the cash and space, a wooden swing or an outdoor couch would be a great addition.

Aside from the furniture, you should also make sure that you’ve got the right lighting fixtures installed. Most deck spaces are more often used during the afternoon and at night, compared to mornings. In order for your deck space to be useful at night, make sure that you’ve got proper lighting installed. You can choose to have lamp posts installed or wall fixtures, as long as you can illuminate the entire deck.

What To Look For In An Excellent Roofing, Window-, and Door-Installation Company

As the seasons change and the cold weather settles in for good, having a solid roof and properly insulated windows and doors can mean the difference between shivering sadly in your living room and enjoying a cozy retreat from the elements. Without quality, secure, and sturdy entry-points to your home, keeping dry and protected through another long winter means constant repairs and battles with the great outdoors. Luckily, many roofing companies specialize in both roof repair and replacement, as well as window- and door-installation, allowing you the convenience of relying upon one company as opposed to three (or more). If you don’t have much experience in dealing with such companies, then there are a number of good questions you should have ready before making this considerable investment.

In this industry, qualifications are key. Ask any prospective organization if they employ certified, licensed people who know what they’re doing—that they’re not just summer students or weekend roofers, but experts with real training. Do the roofers come with references? Has the business itself been in operation long enough to have a positive impact in the community? Are there reviews online from past customers describing their practices—are they fair, thorough, fast, and pleasant to deal with? Make sure you have a clear understanding of what work is to be done, how it will be accomplished, and how long it will take. Get something in writing telling you all of the above, and make sure you finalize one of the most important aspects—the cost.

Any good company needs to have liability insurance. If their employees become hurt on your property while working, they need to be able to receive worker’s compensation for their injuries. This is for your protection as much as it is for theirs. Ask about warranties—it’s rare to find a company that offers a lifetime warranty on products, but it’s not unheard of, so be sure to shop around and see who’s willing to go the extra mile for their clients. Ask, too, about specific licensing details. Do the people installing your windows have Window Wise certifications? Are they a part of the GAF (General Aniline & Film) Master Elite Roofing Program? If so, this will be a clear sign of dedication to the industry.

Improvements in energy efficiency have helped with protecting our homes from extreme weather conditions and to keeping our energy bills low. Window and door replacement services by George Kent and other contractors can make all the difference when it comes to making your home as efficient as possible. They have also helped reduce our homes’ energy consumption, leading to better, more ethical relationship with the natural environment. Make sure your prospective roofing, windows, and doors company uses energy efficient products. Installing such items will increase the re-salevalue of your home and property. Ask if windows in particular are Energy Star certified—this will mean added savings to both your bank account and to the environment!