3 Eco Friendly Ways to Get Rid Of Garden Pest

Garden pests are really annoying, especially when you’ve worked so hard to create your perfect garden. Pests can come in the form of insects, rodents and even weeds. There are several ways in which you can deal with these annoying and plant destructive creatures. There are pest controls services that make use of harmful yet effective chemicals, while there are also eco friendly solutions to your problems. If you opt for the latter choice, then here’s how you can do it.

Cleaning your garden and maintaining it

If you’re garden is often a mess, then there’s a great chance that it’ll attract insects that are harmful to your plants. Keeping your garden clean on the other hand, helps keep these pests away. Try clearing away the foliage or make use of them as compose to use as fertilizers.

Inviting pest killing critters

If you’re fond of animals, you can also try inviting critters that feed on these pests. Meadow larks, chickadees, robins are just some of the many insect eating birds that can help you with your pest problem. One way to invite these birds is by setting up a bird house with some bird seeds, and a bird bath with fresh water. Aside from ridding your garden of pests, birds can also make your garden feel and look more natural.

Raised bed gardening

If you’re common problem includes rodents eating away on the root of your plants, then you might want to consider raised bed gardening. Since raised beds are enclosed by wood, concrete or even bricks, there’d be no way for rodents to disturb your plants any longer. At the same time, the close proximity in between plants with this type of gardening makes it less likely for weeds to grow as well.