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A Fireplace You Definitely Want In the House

A fireplace in your home will never go out of fashion because it adds a cozy vibe. Aside from that, it is perfect for the cold seasons. Using it, you and your family will be able to lounge around and stay warm. If you are looking for ideas for your fireplace, you came to the right place because we will be giving you four great designs that will mesmerize you and your guests.

Linear Fireplace

A fireplace do not only belong in old houses with aged owners. In fact, there are a lot of designs that can easily match your contemporary home, and such is the linear fireplace. Its look screams of modernity and it is not often seen in houses so it will surely give your new house a certain twist. This is also perfect for minimalist individuals who do not want all the fuss of the conventional style.

Art Nouveau Fireplace

Fireplaces need not look dull and lifeless. With Art Nouveau, your fireplace will be the center of attention in the living room. It is a spectacle to behold due to its masterfully created design. After installing this, your living room, or any room where it is situated at will become more interesting. Your visitors will never fail to tell you how great it looks; they may also pester you regarding this, so consider yourself warned.

Stone and Brick

As they say, nothing beat the classics, and they are right. In years past, a fireplace is made of bricks or stones, and if you want to go conventional, than you can use the following materials as well. It will surely increase the charm of your house.

Open Design Fireplace

If you want to see the fireplace in all its glory, then go for this type of design. It is called as such because it is lacking the corner that most fireplaces have. They are not encased, making it more appealing and entertaining for the guests. Some people utilize it outdoors to feel that they are camping or out in the wilderness.

Different types of fireplaces are now available for every style of home. Even if you own a Victorian house, modern, or country, you will definitely find a use for one of the above. A fireplace is timeless and it adds value to your property, so if you are planning to sell it someday, a fireplace in tow will increase your chances of a higher sale price.


5 Ways to Boost Your Network Speed at Home

In an age where ultra-fast connections to the Internet exist, there are still households that suffer from poor connectivity. Internet speeds from your provider may not be the only reason for your lack of performance. In fact, many of the devices in your home could be contributing to taxing your network bandwidth.

Outdated or Malfunctioning Switches

Some homes utilize standard 10/100 switches to connect the network. As these units begin to fail, the connection to the network can become disrupted. This reduces the device’s ability to transmit and receive signals. It may cause packet loss and severe data degradation. Sometimes, it’s merely a port on the switch that is failing. You can test this by moving the Ethernet connection to a new port.

Secure the Wireless Router

If there are many devices using your Internet connection, it can begin to slow things such as streaming video or browsing websites. People can tap into wireless access points and essentially steal your Internet connection. It’s always best to use TKIP or AES security passwords, but adding MAC authentication to the router can be an enhancement of wireless security. This prevents any wireless device from connecting to the network if its MAC address is not in the list.

Checking Ethernet Cables

If an Ethernet cable is bent or otherwise weakened along the connection, it can greatly affect performance. Using a different cable to connect your computer or television can help you determine if this is the cause of slow access to the network.

Wireless Router Location

Wireless routers are more sensitive to the environment than many may believe. These routers have been known to lose signal all-together if a nearby cordless phone rings that is close to the same frequency. Moving your wireless access point can eliminate some of the environmental hazards that disrupt or slow down network performance.

Regular Virus Scans

Malware can be using your computer to spam others. Depending on the kind of malware that is running, this can take up a great deal of your bandwidth. It can alter connectivity and communications between networked computers. Some of these malicious programs purposely tap your bandwidth to the Internet in order to slow your access down drastically.

There is no doubt that upgrading your connections to using FiOS fiber Internet can vastly increase the stability of your online activities. By streamlining your home network, you can get even more out of the fiber experience. Keep in mind that computers, smart-enabled devices and networking equipment can reduce your online performance, which should be maintained regularly.

Energy Efficiency At Its Finest

We’ve all been there, you take a look at your electric bill this month and you just want to cry and stomp your foot on the floor because of its high numbers. This is a terrible scenario that nobody wants to experience, but unfortunately a lot of people still do. For this reason, if you are in the process of remodeling your home, or thinking of ways to reduce energy consumption, you may want to look at the suggestions below.

Solar Panels

The first thing that you may think of upon hearing the word solar panel is higher cost, and payment for installation. You may be right at that point, but also think about the huge advantages it can do for you. First off, after a few years, it would have paid itself off. Afterwards, you can take advantage of a 50% reduction in electric bill, plus you will help the environment. How cool is that?

Double Glazed Windows

Your heater is one of the main suspects for your high electric charge. However, you just can’t survive without it because of the cold weather. Well, even if that is the case, you can still lower its consumption by adding double glazed windows in your home. They are great insulators and will keep the heat inside the room or house, allowing you to switch off or reduce the power of your heater.

Timer and Sensor Lights

Lights are essential outside your property because of safety issues, and easy visuals. However, sometimes some homeowners will forget to shut them off, making them consume higher electricity in the process. To fix this, go for lights with timer or sensor. That way, when the sun is up, it will automatically shut off.

Ordinary Windows

Double glazed windows are not the only star when it comes to energy efficiency. Even your ordinary bay or French windows can do wonders. How? Let’s just say more windows equal better lighting and cooling sources.

When you do the following advice, you never have to feel scared of your electric bill again. Sure some of the techniques here may cost a bit high upon installation, but it will definitely lower your consumption for a long period of time.

Is Fluorescent Lighting a Good Option for the Home?

In many homes, traditional incandescent light bulbs are used. Traditional home bulbs tend to provide Tungsten lighting, which produces a yellow tinged light. Fluorescent lighting, a much brighter and whiter lighting option, can provide a home with a more natural light. Fluorescent bulbs can help to open up smaller spaces and offer true life colors. The quality and color of a home’s lighting has a vast impact on how the home is viewed and perceived.

Lower Costs in the Long Run

While there might be a higher initial investment, fluorescent light bulbs will save a lot of electricity in the long run. They cut down on electric bills, making it an energy smart investment. The initial costs will be due to installation of the new light fixtures (if there are any) and any wiring that needs to be done. Once these changes are made, the only costs will be the long lasting bulbs and the reduced electric bill.

Brighter Home

Since fluorescent lighting produces a bright white light, it will brighten up the home rather than giving it a yellowed incandescent tinge. Colors will appear clearer and more crisp, while darker spaces in the home are filled with light; this makes the home look larger and more open. Panasonic light bulbs offer a compact fluorescent bulb, which boasts more versatility than the standard long, skinny bulbs that are commonly seen in schools and businesses.

Longer Lifespan

Fluorescent bulbs are known for their amazingly long lifespan. They can, on average, last about 6 times as long as an incandescent bulb. This means that one fluorescent bulb is worth the value of 6 incandescent bulbs; plus, that is 5 fewer times per fixture that an individual must take time out of his or her day to change a bulb.

Better Photographs

Photography requires excellent lighting. Tungsten lighting produced by incandescent bulbs is not sufficient for quality photographs; the white balance is usually off with harsh shadows. Therefore, fluorescent bulbs are a must have for families who love to photograph life’s little moments. Pairing the fluorescent lighting with bright window light gives a beautiful glow to any photo.

Fluorescent lighting isn’t only economical, it is beautiful. Now that it has become a versatile lighting option, incandescent bulbs are becoming a thing of the past. Homeowners can now see their homes in a new, positive light.