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Great Ideas for Your Halls

Whether used as a pathway or as a form of entrance, halls should be decorated properly. A bare one with lame colors and designs signifies that you have no creativity and love for your own home. Even if it is just a narrow passage that you use to get to another room, halls are important and should treated with love like any areas of the house. Here are some ideas you can go for to improve it.

1. Turn Your Halls Into A Gallery: If you are a photography enthusiast, painter, or do your own crafts, why not showcase your works through your halls? You can mount your creations on the walls, put it on the table, or simply let it sit on the corner. It is fun, advertises your talents, plus you will get to decorate without spending a cent.

2. Place A Bookcase: If your house is not large enough to have a reading room or library, do not fret because there is still room for your favorite novels. Simply line-up your bookcase on the halls, and voila, you have an instant space for your books. Your guests will definitely get interested and have inkling as to what kind of person you are.

3. Mount A Large Mirror With Detailed Carving: If you are not the type of person who displays pictures of your family on the wall, you can try using a large mirror instead. The only requirement is it should have a detailed design, etching, or markings of some sort to keep it captivating.

4. Insert A Reading Nook: For those who are blessed with a wider and larger hall, you can simply insert a reading nook on a corner. This is especially favorable if there are windows in the halls to make it more comfortable and appropriate for reading.

Naturally, people are more excited to decorate their bedrooms and living rooms because they usually stay there. However, halls are used regularly so they should never be neglected. Aside from that, by using the space wisely, you will have more leg room in the other areas of the house.


Garage Turned Gamers Paradise

If you are a gamer and you think your bedroom or living room is simply not the appropriate place for conducting your activities anymore, not to mention your consoles and game systems are crowding the area, you can always convert your garage into a game room. This is an easy project that you can do over the weekend. You can even seek the help of your gamer friends and family. Turning your garage into a game room:

Tweak the Lights

Everyone knows the garage is usually a dim place with just one or two small windows. Lighting is always an issue, but since most gamers prefer this type of setting, you just have to tweak the lights a little. Place additional lighting that is enough to show you the area, what you are doing, and who you are with.

Put Posters

A real gamer knows how essential posters and action figures are. Mount posters and pictures of your favorite game and characters to inspire you and your friends. If you have lots of action figures and plushies, you can display them on a shelf or table. If you love to have a tournament, get a board and place it on the wall. This is where you can keep track of the winners and losers.

Arrange the Sound system

Aside from the consoles and cushy chairs, a clear speaker is a must for the game room. The crisp sound of the game will immediately put you in a different world. People who love to play rock band and the like will also enjoy it more when huge speakers are used.

Place a Mini Fridge

Most gamers stay in the room to play for a couple of hours. They rarely leave, unless they are hungry or have to do their bathroom business. If you are really dedicated to gaming, you may want to consider putting a fridge in the room with all your snacks and refreshments.

A garage turned gaming room is a dream come true for most gamers. They can play to their hearts content without the disruption of the other members of the family. If you are not planning anything else for your garage, then turn this idea into a reality. You will never regret it and your friends will love you.