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The Minimalist Living Room

When decorating the house, homeowners usually focus on the living room. For most, this is the heart of the home because this is where the whole family stays, bonds, and even receives guests. Because of this, a lot of individuals post all their photos on the wall, and put a lot of furniture’s and decorations, creating a crowded and cluttered effect. To turn on a new leaf, here are the things you can do.

Less Is More:

For a minimalist effect, the rule of thumb is the lesser the items inside the room, the better it looks. To achieve this feel, remove all the things you do not need and stick to the essentials. Get rid of the dozens of pictures on the wall and replace it with a single photo with complete family members.

Dual Purpose:

To save space and get rid of the clutter, use dual purpose furniture’s and all-in-one equipments. Instead of adding a gigantic bed-like chair, you can try putting a reclining one to get the same outcome sans the bulky look. Speakers and components are ideal if you listen to music and want a theatre-like sound, but you can always try putting it on strategic places like in one corner of the ceiling or wall. Also, get an mp3 player to replace the large music systems.

Storage Area:

Achieving a minimalist living room is quite easy. You just have to remove everything in sight, but not necessarily put it in the trash. How? You can store it away until further notice. That is why you need to invest in a good container that can also serve as a decoration for other parts of the house.

Simple Decors:

As they say, simplicity is beauty, and this also applies to your living room. Get rid of the magazines, candles, and figurines resting on your coffee table and place a flower as centerpiece.

Contrary to popular belief, a minimalist living room is not only composed of walls, chairs, and table. You can also put different designs, but make sure that it is not overcrowded because it will just confuse your eyes, and is not appealing at all no matter what other people say.

Decoration Ideas For Your Bedroom

A bare bedroom with no decorations will easily remind you of a hospital room, or even a prison cell. With this in mind, it is important to design and embellish your room properly, not only to get rid of the hospital feel, but to express your personality as well. Here are some ideas that you can do to beautify your room.

How to Enrich Your Room:

When you enter a room, one of the first things you notice is the bed. Since the bed serves as a focal point, it is only natural to focus your attention on it. If you plan to replace the bed altogether, then get one with a nice headboard with intricate trimmings. This will make it more noticeable and beautiful. If that is not possible, then replace your sheets with something more alluring. Go for the right pattern and fabric and not only will you create an aesthetically attractive room, but a cozy one as well.

Color your world by painting the walls with calm hues such as green, blue, and violet. Aside from the tranquility it provides, those colors also give the illusion of more space which is a win-win situation no matter how you view it. If you want to go with the traditional white paint, then do not forget to put up paintings. If you are more of a shutterbug, you can always use the pictures you took to decorate your walls. This will give your room a certain personality, and you will see the good memories before going to sleep.

Sometimes, a simple lamp, or chair will help spruce up your bedroom. Get a one with a decoration or pattern of your choosing, and proudly display it near your bed. Even small things like a quirky clock, basket, or curtain will liven up the place so do not forgo these details.

Decorate your room in accordance with your style, mood, and personality. Do not leave it bare because it will not make you satisfied at the end of the day. Besides, your bedroom reflects the kind of person you are, and by leaving it bare and undecorated, you might as well admit that you are a strange person with no creative bone.