Outdoor AC Unit Care

Most household air conditioning units are split systems, housing part of the system in an indoor closet and relegating the large section outdoors. Your indoor unit is certainly protected from the elements, but you must take special care with your outdoor unit. Diligent care for this system saves you hundreds of dollars in repairs over the years.

Keep the Covers Off

You might believe keeping the outdoor AC unit covered is a smart choice, but it’s actually detrimental to the system. Even with a thick cover during the cooler months, condensation may become trapped between the fabric and metal surface. The unit can actually rust with moisture constantly trapped along its housing. Keep it uncovered even during the winter.

Sweep it Out

Although the outdoor unit is enclosed, debris can fall into the interior. Avoid placing any items into the unit to remove the debris, however. Sweep around the system to prevent further items from lodging into the unit. Professionals must remove the outer cover to clean the interior without harming any components.

Inspect all Incoming Lines

There are several lines entering your outdoor AC unit, including refrigerant hoses and electrical wires. Don’t touch these lines, but simply inspect them visually. If any leaks or exposed areas are concerning, contact a professional for further evaluation. Although they’re protected with thick insulation, these lines can be damaged during the winter. Professionals must repair them for the hot summer ahead.

Maintain the AC with a Professional’s Guidance

Several other repairs and adjustments are necessary over the years to maintain an outdoor AC unit. Discuss any items you can complete to make each appointment more streamlined and successful. Neglecting the AC unit only creates large repair bills in the future.

You can always find out more about AC technology by asking your trusted professionals when they visit for maintenance appointments. There are several simple care items that can be implemented by residents to keep the system well-kept between service calls. No one wants their AC to malfunction during a heat wave. Keep it running smoothly with biannual service visits and smart care by household residents.