Questions to Ask the Contractor

Before remodleing your home, it’s a good idea to get a few quotes from different contractors before settling on one company to do the job. When you talk to a home remodeling contractor, there are a few things you should find out. Make sure the company is licensed to do the job. Ask about the number of people who will be working with the contractor so that you know how many people will be in your home at one time.

When you have a few contractors in mind, you can narrow them down to one or two by askng a few detailed questions. Get a quote from the company, and find out if that quote will change if there is more work to be done than first expected. Ask if you can provide the materials so that the estimate isn’t as high as it would be if the contractor purchased the supplies. While you ask questions, listen to how the contractor responds. If he sounds like he’s reading from a book, then he probably isn’t putting a lot of thought into what he’s doing. Some contractors will itemize the job, which is important if you are looking at a large remodeling project. Finalize the contract with the estimate in writing and the details of how long it will take to get the work done.