Creating A Circus Themed Bedroom For Kids

You cannot deny the fact that children adore the circus. In fact, some love it so much that they decide to run away with it. Instead of arriving to that drastic means, you should recreate the circus right inside your children’s bedroom. Because of that, every time your kids open their eyes, they will feel delighted and immensely grateful to you for making their wildest dreams come true.

Make Your Own Tent

When you think of a circus, you instantly imagine a big tent painted with red and white colors. Though it may be expensive and hard to recreate this tent, you can always inject those hues inside the bedroom in the form of a picture, or mural to get the same feeling. For parents who want a realistic simulation, they can paint the canopy of the bed to a similar color, or just buy red and white ones.

Bring Forth the Animals

The circus is not complete without the famous animals. Even if you cannot put live ones inside your kid’s room, you can still employ plushies and stuffed toys that look like one. Elephants, tigers, giraffes and monkeys are a popular choice so it is better to purchase those.

Display the Souvenir

Circus and carnivals have souvenir shops where you can buy dolls and toys that look like a clown or any circus personality. Make your child remember the circus by displaying it on a shelf, desk, or on his bed. If you are not fortunate enough to buy a souvenir, then just go to the mall and purchase a jack in the box or a carousel.

Hang Posters

If you do not want to go through the trouble of painting your child’s bedroom, you can mount posters depicting the circus instead. This is cheaper, faster, plus you can print it out yourself using the computer.

When your children see the newly decorated bedroom, they will definitely feel lucky and proud to have you as their parents. They will enjoy staying in their room and it may take a good convincing power to coax them out of it.