Great Ideas for Your Laundry Room

The laundry room can feel like gloomy room where you have to wash soiled clothes. However, a few changes and tweaks on the design of your laundry room can help change this perspective. You can start with the walls of your laundry room. It’d be best to use an invigorating color like orange, a light shade of green or blue. If none of these colors appeal to you, painting your wall with your favorite color may also work.

It can feel cold working with water and splashes on the floor are uncommon occurrences when doing your laundry. A warm remedy for this would be to add mats or rugs on your laundry floor. You can place these items in front of the washer and your dryer. This can keep your feet dry and cozy as you do your laundry, making it less of a hassle. Also, rags and mats can absorb water splashes from the wash and the dryer. This can help prevent slips and accidents from occurring in your laundry room.

Since you’re working with water in doing your laundry, the room can feel warm and damp at times. This can cause discomfort. You can work through this by having proper ventilation like a well-placed window or a adding a fan into your laundry room to help the air circulate. You might also want to add a plant into your laundry room as the green color can help produce that cooling effect. You can place one in a vase and set it up on a table top.