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Making the Most of Your Small Foyer

Extravagant foyers and entrance halls often need large spaces in order for elaborate decorations to be set in them. However, most houses nowadays don’t have that kind of luxury, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of it even with its small size. You can still give your foyer a stylish look with the right idea and stuff to add.

Let’s start with the furniture. When choosing the furniture to add into your small foyer, it is important to pick the most useful items since your conserving space. You can add a table or drawer along your entrance hall, as well as a coat holder. A table or drawer top can be quite useful in displaying decorative items like framed pictures and figurines. Your drawer can also serve as storage space for items that you often take in and out of the house all the time, like keys, gloves and other stuffs. You can also add a chair in your foyer if you have enough space. Make sure that the design of your furniture matches that of the design of your home.

Of course you wouldn’t want your home entrance to feel cramped and make people think that they’re suffocating when they enter your home. Even with a small spaced foyer you can easily remedy this problem by putting wall mirrors on one or each side along the walls of the hall. The mirror can help reflect the light from the windows or from other light sources into the entire hall. This provides an illusion of a more open feel, even with a small spaced foyer.