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Making Your Small Living Room Big

Having a small spaced living can get you stuck with small furniture, as well as that cramped feeling. However, you can fool your senses or anyone else’s for that matter by the way you decorate and furnish your living room. You can transform that small sized space into one that has an open feel, without having to break down your walls and extend your living room literally.

How do you do it? Well, the first step is by picking out the right colors for your wall. Light shades of yellow, green and blue can give your room an open and airy feel. However, if you’d rather want your room to feel cozier, choosing darker shades of blue, brown and red would be a more suitable choice for you. Then you have your window treatments. Instead of using heavily printed fabrics on your windows, a better choice would be light and thin fabrics. This type of fabric allows sunlight to easily pass through, illuminating the insides of your living room.

If you’re going to add a table into your small living room, opt for glass-topped tables rather than the wooden one. The wooden table will shrink your living room further as it visibly takes up space. Glass on the other hand allows light to easily pass through, giving it an illusion of open space. For your living room sofa, it’d be best to use monochromatic colors that match your wall and other furniture. Mixing and matching colors and using heavily upholstery can really make your living room look smaller. Also, you may want to lay low on the decorations. Use one that are functional like a mirror on the wall, to avoid giving your living room a cluttered and small look.