Decorating Ideas for Your Home Entrance

Your home entrance or your foyer should be something that makes an introduction to what people may expect further in your home. It can be hard to put in the proper decorations and furniture, as it doesn’t really have a specific function compared to other rooms within your house. Since it comprises the entrance, coat stands and drawers for gloves should be added to this room whatever the theme you want to set in your foyer.

Ok here are decorating ideas you can use to spark specific effects in your home entrance. If you want to add an eccentric feeling when people come inside your house, you can start by painting your walls with a bold color. Have a table set with different kinds of objects like different shapes and sizes of shells, rocks and other items. You can have it placed on a container. This will really set that unique atmosphere as people enter your home.

If you’re going for a more romantic feel, then you can start by putting up flowers in vases over the table top in your foyer. Have the walls painted with colors like green or a light shade of blue. You can then put up some of your photos with your family, your partner or vacation photos in a frame and have them lined up along the hall. It might also be a good idea to have a scented candle in place along the hall to give your guests a romantic atmosphere not only by sight, but with smell as well. You can have the candles lit when you’re expecting guests and have them change together with the seasons.