Light Fixtures and Cost-Effective Bulbs

Source of light come in many forms but there are 3 commonly used – natural, electric generated and battery operated light. During the day, we use the only free rich source of light from the sun. When the sun sets, majority turn on installed fixtures to supply electricity generated lights around the house.

Depending where the fixtures will be placed will determine which kind of lighting best suitable to use. Chandeliers are mostly elegant and are seen on high ceilings such as top of the staircase, living room and some dining room. Wall-mounted lights are installed usually on hallways, bathroom, to accent a picture or furniture.

Here are simple comparison on the type of bulbs that are normally used. The bulb that will save you money because of its energy saving feature is the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). While the longer-lasting one is the light-emitting diodes (LED). LED has excellent energy efficiency because of the use of diodes.