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Hazards in the Kitchen

Kitchen can be the most dangerous part of our house but we can prevent its hazards and enjoy our time around it. We know for a fact that carelessness is unacceptable. Here are some tips on how to prevent potential accidents:

Anything that is in the kitchen can cause fire. Ironically we do not know that loose things such as clothing and hair are one of them. We do not want our clothes or hairs catch fire and burn us. Let’s tidy up before cooking.

Do a monthly check on hoses, stove knobs, gas tanks, extensions, etc. This will help us know if any of these needs a replacement already. Call a utility professional to check on gas leaks. Be knowledgeable of the electric capacity of each outlet. Prevent on maximizing it to avoid overloading the electricity.

Light Fixtures and Cost-Effective Bulbs

Source of light come in many forms but there are 3 commonly used – natural, electric generated and battery operated light. During the day, we use the only free rich source of light from the sun. When the sun sets, majority turn on installed fixtures to supply electricity generated lights around the house.

Depending where the fixtures will be placed will determine which kind of lighting best suitable to use. Chandeliers are mostly elegant and are seen on high ceilings such as top of the staircase, living room and some dining room. Wall-mounted lights are installed usually on hallways, bathroom, to accent a picture or furniture.

Here are simple comparison on the type of bulbs that are normally used. The bulb that will save you money because of its energy saving feature is the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). While the longer-lasting one is the light-emitting diodes (LED). LED has excellent energy efficiency because of the use of diodes.

Eliminate Odor in the Kitchen

Our kitchen is one of the places around our house that we spend most of our time. After sometime, odors will be noticeable in the fridge, stove tops, sink, and walls. Lemon, baking soda, vinegar, coal and water are some of the things that we can find easily around the kitchen and overhead cabinets.

First of all, you need to remove the things that possibly the cause of the smell. Remove spoiled food especially those that are kept in the container, get your trash out and start cleaning. When dealing with oil spills, use a damp cloth and use a degreaser to wipe on your stove and around it, walls and floor. If you have an exhaust system, do the same. Do this at least every other day making sure that there’s no greasy feeling when you run a finger on it.

To eliminate the odor, keeping the exhaust fan on while cooking, do most of the trick. You can simmer lemon and vinegar with water. Place coals on a shallow bowl around the kitchen, this absorbs and neutralize the odor. The use of air fresheners, scented candles, coffee beans and potpourri will only be effective once the strong odor has been eliminated.

Out of the Box Furniture

Our house tells who we are. The beautification inside and out of the house is according to our personal design, color, drama and furniture.

There is a vast choice in terms of furniture. It is always advised to seek a professional or you can do your own research on what you really want to invest on your furniture. You need to take into consideration the material, color scheme, availability and cost. Depending on where you are it is smart to buy the most available material so you also save money, check on package deals or sale items. There are a lot of good buys that go in package. Someone’s furniture might be yours, visit a garage sale.

Here are some ideas on furniture themes: tribal, contemporary, rustic, glass, metal, wood, plastic, stones, mosaic, ethnic, modern, tropical, trendy. These are amazing themes to start ones imagination going. Write down at least 2 that appeal to you and scribble things that come in your mind. Do your research, make some calls and buy your furniture.