Roofing Ideas for Your House Renovation

Okay, so you’re making a complete renovation of your house, or you’re building a new one. Whatever the reason, we all know that one of the most important parts of a house is the roof. It protects your entire house, especially the interior from direct sunlight, rain and snow. Aside from its most basic function, the roof also adds aesthetic value to your house if it comes with a great design.

Here are some ideas that you might want to make use of when renovating or building a roof. Gable roof is the most common and most popular roofing idea nowadays. This type of roofing has two slanted pieces forming a triangular shape as they are joined at the edge. Another choice would be a hip roof, which is similar to that of a gable roof. The difference is, it makes use of four surfaces rather than having only two surfaces forming a triangular shape. So it’d look more like a triangular prism with four sides.

You can also go for an A-Frame roof design. Similar to that of a gable roof where two slanted pieces are joined together. However, they vary in length as an A-Frame roof extends longer at the side, becoming the wall of the house altogether. Flat roof design is the least expensive among the other designs, and is usually picked by people with low budget. However, this design is more suited for places with warmer climates that don’t experience snowfall, since snow can easily build up over your rooftop with this design. In choosing a design, make sure to pick one that you fancy and goes well with the rest of the neighborhood as well.